Our team

Aimée Baudon, biologist,
Doctor of Science, Paris VII University

Scientific texts
Aimée Baudon, biologist
Patricia Chairopoulos, biologist
Arthur Maneveau, géographe, historian
Jacques Secondi, economist

Gilles Regnery
Antonin Jury
EM Design
Odetka Tuduri
Ondine Baudon
Théo Zesiger
Max Lewko
Marc Guerra

Anne-Marie Harper
Birgitt Nardi
Carmelo Cancio

IT-legal advice
Matthieu Barbe
Jean-Baptiste Besson

Jacqueline Guyot

About us

Double Hélice draws from a flexible, dynamic team of writers and graphic artists who work on different projects according to their speciality.

Our values

Science has transformed the world we live in, moving in directions that call for informed, democratic choices. Our aim is to contribute by tackling the themes of science and society with objective overviews accessible to all.

Why Double Hélice?

Double Helix is the name given to the DNA molecule found in the cells of all living beings, which transmits information from one cell to another, and one generation to the next. Transmitting information as accurately as possible is exactly what we aim to do.