Exhibitions are presented in the “Exhibitions” tab.

They are available for purchase and rental.


Exhibition panels can be printed in different formats.
Prices are the same for all subjects and only vary depending on the size of the panels.
Production time: 15 days from order to delivery
All prices are before tax

50 X 75 cm ……………€ 625
60 x 90 cm …………… € 875
70 X 105 cm ………… € 1125
80 X 120 cm ………… € 1333

+ slipcover for transportation: € 70
except for 50 X 75 cm format, slipcover: € 40

Mini-exhibitions: 40 X 60 cm ----- € 500
Size available for some titles only (contact us for details).
Canvas slipcover and transportation are included for this format.

For transport and customs prices, consult us directly.

Individual estimates sent on request.


A simple contract establishes the rental conditions (titles, prices, dates, insurance). We organize delivery and pick-up of the exhibition at your premises.
Prices include 20% VAT.

Rental 80 X 120 cm format
All titles are available in this size
       1 month ------ €400
       2 months ------ €630
       3 months ------ €830
Transport and pick-up: + € 60 in addition to the rental cost (round trip)
For shorter or longer periods, please contact us.

Rental 40 X 60 cm format
Size available for some titles only (contact us for details).
        € 200 / month + € 50 Transport and pick-up.

Printing medium

The exhibition panels are printed on thick fabric with a light satin sheen,
giving a perfect finish.
This medium gives sumptuous results, with very clear definition,
bright colours and excellent contrast.
Our solvent-free inks respect the environment.
The panels are water and UV resistant (outside exhibitions possible),
and can be cleaned and ironed.


Panels come with rods that fit into sheaths at the top and bottom. 
Rings are attached to the end of each rod for hanging (bag of hooks included).
Exhibitions can be purchased with X-Banner stands.
40 X 60 cm format: panels have a single hanging point at the top (picture hook).

X-Banner stands

To s x banner petitet up your exhibitions, you can also purchase X-Banners from us.
These lightweight stands are easy to put in place.
They come with hooks for the exhibition.
(Click on the image)



Portable exhibitions

Alll exhibitions are delivered in a rigid tube with a strong canvas cover.
The soft inner bag makes it easy to take out the panels
(click on the image for a close-up).

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