The Fablio Collection is all about Art History. It takes the form of banners and painting expos,
perfect for use by individuals, schools, libraries, museums, cultural centres, waiting rooms, etc.
The prices below are before tax.

Painting expos

This collection features 54 painting exhibitions, each devoted to an artist’s work (54 painting expos).
Each painting expo comprises ten 40 cm-wide paintings, printed by dye-sublimation, sewn at the top and bottom with rods and a hook.
Painting expos are available for purchase or rental (occasional or by subscription).
They come packed in transportation covers.

Purchase price: €380 per painting expo
Rental price: €250 / painting expo / month
Subscription: €500 for 4 painting expos of your choice with a predefined timeframe
Unit purchase of painting reproductions: from €10 to €50 depending on the size.


The collection features 54 banners, each devoted to an artist’s work (54 artists).

Banners are printed by dye-sublimation on canvas with an eyelet for hanging.

Unit price:
- Format 15 x 150 cm: €29
- Format 20 x 200 cm: €39

Comes in a transparent tube with metal stoppers.

Price for a series of 10 painters (of your choice):

- Format 15 x 150 cm: €260
- Format 20 x 200 cm: €350

Price for the complete collection of 54 artists:

- Format 15 x 150 cm: €1,500
- Format 20 x 200 cm: €2,000

A metal spinner is available to present the 15 x 150 cm collection: €250